Find the way to your heart

Об этом нельзя рассказать...

Это можно лишь почувствовать

The truth is in these places

В этих местах скрыта истина

Imposssible to tell... only your feelings

Guided tour programme in Optina Pustyn.

Duration of tour - 17 hours

Travel route: Kolomna - Svyato Vvedensky Optina Pustyn - Kazan Amvrosievskaya female desert (Shamordino) - Kolomna

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Tour programme:

5.30-6.00 Group gathering on the square in Kolomna near the House of Trade.

6.00 Departure to Svyato Vvedensky Optina Pustyn.

12.00 Svyato Vvedensky Optina Pustyn. Sightseeing tour in Optina Pustyn - a unique monastery of Orthodox Russia. It is also called "the cradle of Russian eldership”. The flowering of the spiritual life of the monastery came in the nineteenth century. The fame of her patron saints is quickly spread throughout Russia, attracting many thousands of Russian people. The main shrine of a monastery are relics of the Optina Elders.

13.30 Free time.

15.00 Kazan Amvrosievskaya female desert.

Tour in Shamordino Convent. Her fate is linked inseparably with the spiritual bonds with Optina Pustyn. It was founded by the Optina Elder St. Ambrose. On the territory of the monastery there is a unique 15-chapter Kazan Cathedral, as well as three holy source.

16.00 Free time. Visiting the Holy Spring.


Departure to Kolomna.


Tour price per person: 1300 rubles.

Tour price includes:

* travel by comfortable bus;

* educational excursions;

* guided tour


Shilova st., 14


Zhukovsky st., 23А


Sovetskaya st., 14

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