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Active tourism.

This travel is connected with active ways of movement of tourists with sport and other similar purposes. Extreme tourism also belongs to active tourism.

Gastronomy tourism

Travel is aimed to study specialties of a country's cuisine. The ecological purity of the used products is an important advantage of gastronomic tour. Visits the alcoholic beverage industry and wineries with wine tasting are especially popular.

Commercial Tourism

This type of travel is paid by individuals or organizations, as contrasted with social tourism, partially or fully paid by the state.

Congress Tourism

Travel in order for the individual to take part in congresses, conferences and assemblies. The package deal of congress tourism includes post congress service of delegates and accompanying persons including family members following with delegates.

Incentive tourism.

Employees are offered a travelling partly or wholly paid by their organization as a reward for good results of labor.

Recreational (medical) tourism.

Type of tourism, aims of which are health improvement, treatment and rest. This type of tourism is directed at reinvestment and strength with the elements of relaxation.

Rural Tourism.

Travel is aimed to rest in the village, to the initiation of rural life. It may also involve participation in agricultural work.

Event tourism.

This type of tourism is associated with visiting events such as major international sports competitions, cultural events, ethnic celebrations, religious holidays, and also events related to the anniversary celebrations. We also organize trips to fashion shows, European cup games, concerts, visits to international music and film festivals, the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

Social Tourism

Travel is subsidized from the funds allocated by the state for social services.

Sports tourism.

It includes sport and participation in campaigns of a certain category of complexity. There is a trekking, pass hopping, water activities, cycling, equine, automobile tourism and a pot-holing (in caves).


This travel provides the minimum impact on environment; ecotour programs usually provide visiting of non-polluting places, natural reservations and reserves.

Extreme tourism.

The travel is connected with extreme types of rest (diving, windsurfing, a skyserfing, mountaineering, extreme hikes, rafting). The purpose of extreme tourism is a receiving unforgettable, adrenaline buzz, among other things the increased risk to life.

Business tourism.

Travel with the business purpose without receiving an income in a sending place.

Passive tourism.

Older tourists are offered a special travel which is not connected with active ways of movement. Passive tourism includes recreational, gastronomic and other types of tourism.

Religious tourism.

Travel of tourists to holy sites and the religious centers being outside their usual environment.


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