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Travel Agency “Dilijance” effects airline ticketing and reservation!

We provide opportunity easily and quickly to find prices, to book and buy tickets of any airline for any destination. For booking you can simply call a specialist by number 8 (496) 614- 88 00 or send the request to the e-mail address, and he will provide you with complete information about the availability, price, selling procedure and payment. The company also delivers tickets at your convenient time and place.

Specialists of "Dilijance" will help you to optimize any routing, to minimize the number of transplants and the waiting time for connection flight.

Travel Agency "Dilijance" cooperates with the majority of foreign and Russian airlines, so in our air ticket office you can always get update and organized information about special promotions, discounts, and airfares airlines.

We offer special conditions for corporate clients!

In air ticket offices you can purchase tickets quickly and in the cheapest way! We hold the best airfares sale based on your financial capabilities, and we provide a wide range of additional services.

Good to Know!

Air ticket is a contract of carriage between Airline and a passenger, providing the right to services of aviation passenger carriage in the standard application form of the proof of identification. The ticket is a control device and shall be obligatory registered before departure, after registration the passenger receives a boarding pass.

An electronic ticket or e-ticket is an electronic document certifying the contract of carriage between the passenger and the airline company. Unlike paper tickets, e-ticket is a digital record in airline’s reservations system.

For the electronic ticket the special form isn't required as all information stored in computer memory and when applicable quickly it is uploaded from one computer to another. Correspondingly, expenses of airlines decrease on production of forms and their turnover.

Passenger flight check-in is made through Departure Control System, installed at the airport. Previously information about deflated tickets (electronic and paper) is transferred from this system into the airline ticket reservation system. At check-in counter with an e-ticket you don't need to surrender an itinerary receipt - all information required is already in the system. It is enough to have a passenger’s identity card (passport). At registration, regardless of the type of ticket the passenger is issued a boarding pass, which is the main document for passenger passing a pre-screening and boarding. This approach unifies the work of airport staff at the stage of registration of a passenger before boarding.


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